MLlcpConnOrientedListener Class Reference

#include <mw/llcpconnorientedlistener.h>

class MLlcpConnOrientedListener
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MLlcpConnOrientedListener()
pure virtual voidRemoteConnectRequest(MLlcpConnOrientedTransporter *)

Detailed Description

The MLlcpConnOrientedListener interface provides applications a way for getting notified when a remote device has made connect request.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MLlcpConnOrientedListener ( )

~MLlcpConnOrientedListener()[inline, virtual]

Empty Destructor

Member Function Documentation

RemoteConnectRequest ( MLlcpConnOrientedTransporter * )

voidRemoteConnectRequest(MLlcpConnOrientedTransporter *aConnection)[pure virtual]

Called when remote device has sent connect request by using connection-oriented transport layer to this service access point. Ownership of MLlcpConnectionOrientedTransporter object is transferred to implementer of this interface.

Implementer should answer to this request via MLlcpConnOrientedTransporter::AcceptConnectRequest or MLlcpConnOrientedTransporter::DeclineConnectRequest methods.

This callback must return quickly and should not perform any extensive processing.