CRxData Class Reference

#include <mw/http/framework/crxdata.h>

class CRxData : public CBase, public MHTTPDataSupplier

Inherits from

Detailed Description

An abstract base class for the decoding of response data received by a protocol handler.

Member Attribute Documentation


MRxDataObserver *iObserver[protected]

This object's observer, to whom we forward status information


CProtTransaction *iProtTrans[protected]

The protocol transaction for which this object represents the encoded received data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CRxData ( )


Intended Usage: Default constructor - creates an Rx data object not associated with any protocol transaction.

CRxData ( CProtTransaction &, MRxDataObserver & )

IMPORT_CCRxData(CProtTransaction &aProtTrans,
MRxDataObserver &aObserver

Intended Usage: Normal constructor, of a CRxData that corresponds to the supplied protocol transaction, and which sends status updates to the supplied observer interface,

aProtTrans(in) The transaction for which this object represents the transmitted data.
aObserver(in) The object's observer.

~CRxData ( )


Intended Usage: Destructor - cleans up and releases resources to the system

Member Function Documentation

ConstructL ( )

IMPORT_C voidConstructL()[protected]

Intended Usage: Second phase construction, default

ProtTrans ( )

IMPORT_C CProtTransaction &ProtTrans()

Intended Usage: Obtain the protocol transaction whose request part is represented as encoded data by this object.

Return Value
The protocol transaction object

ResetRxData ( )

voidResetRxData()[pure virtual]
Intended Usage: Resets the received data object to its initial state following construction. This method must be implemented for specific sub- classes of received data.
The object is reset.