ImageProcessor::TEffectSketch Class Reference

#include <imageprocessor/imageprocessoreffect.h>

Link against: imageprocessor.lib

class ImageProcessor::TEffectSketch : public ImageProcessor::TEffect

Inherits from

Detailed Description

The class provides functions to create a sketched representation of an image.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum TSketchMode

Parameters to control the sketch mode.


Sketch the image in gray, which is the default mode


Sketch the image in color.

Member Function Documentation

SetSketchModeL ( TSketchMode )

IMPORT_C voidSetSketchModeL(TSketchModeaLevel)

Set the sketch mode.

aLevelThe sketch mode, ESketchModeGray or ESketchColor.
Leave Codes
KErrNotReadyThe effect is not active.
KErrArgumentThe mode is not in the TSketchMode enumeration.

SketchModeL ( )

IMPORT_C TSketchModeSketchModeL()const

Get the current sketch mode

Return Value
The sketch mode