Touch support for UI components


Example image

Touch support


In the view state (a normal two-row list item), a tap activates it.

In the edit state, the highlight is visible all the time but it works with a single click. One tap moves the highlight and launches a touch input window. Within a focused item, the functionality is as for a text field.

Setting items


Pop-up setting

A single tap activates the item (emulates a selection key press).

Multi-selection list setting

The functionality is as for a multiselection list..

Text setting

The cursor can be moved with the text field. Dragging selects a block of text.

Slider setting

The slider thumb is draggable.

Setting list

Tap toggles between values (Yes/No) or opens related setting adjusting view.

Iconic Softkeys (Left, Back and Right options).

A non focusable item. One tap to activate.

Stylus pop-up menu

Shows the item-specific functions related to the item it was launched from. It is activated with a long press.


A nonfocusable item. One tap to activate.

Slider pop-up

Draggable slider thumb. Icons can be set as tappable.

Volume slider thumb is draggable, and muting can be done directly by tapping the speaker icon.


The Toolbar emphasises key functions within an application view. There are a maximum of two important functions shown in the Toolbar. Toolbar buttons are located between the softkeys

Status bar

Nonfocusable items. Status bar opens into Status panel by dragging.

Status panel

Component opens by dragging down the Status bar. Status panel items work with single tap.