XML DOM Engine Node Reference

This topic lists the node classes of the XML DOM Engine.

The following diagram describes all the node classes of the XML DOM Engine. Refer to the links below for more information about each class.

Figure: XML DOM Engine classes

  • RXmlEngDocument

  • TXmlEngElement

  • TXmlEngAttr

  • TTextXmlEngNode

  • TXmlEngComment

  • TXmlEngEntityReference

  • TXmlEngCharacterData

  • TXmlEngProcessingInstruction

  • TXmlEngCDATASection

  • TXmlEngDocumentFragment

  • TXmlEngNamespace

  • RXmlEngNodeList <T>

  • RXmlEngDOMImplementation

  • TXmlEngDataContainer

  • TXmlEngFileContainer

  • TXmlEngChunkContainer

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