struct Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned char * packet
long bytes
long b_o_s
long e_o_s
ogg_int64_t granulepos
ogg_int64_t packetno
unsigned char * header
long header_len
unsigned char * body
long body_len
unsigned char * body_data
long body_storage
long body_fill
long body_returned
int * lacing_vals
ogg_int64_t * granule_vals
long lacing_storage
long lacing_fill
long lacing_packet
long lacing_returned
unsigned char header [282]
int header_fill
int e_o_s
int b_o_s
long serialno
int pageno
unsigned char * data
int storage
int fill
int returned
int unsynced
int headerbytes
int bodybytes
long endbyte
int endbit
unsigned char * buffer
unsigned char * ptr
long storage

Detailed Description

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