NfcTagsDiscoveryPrivate Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  TDiscoveryOptions { ETagDiscovery = 0, ENdefDiscovery, EExchangeData }
enum  TTagOperations {
  EExchangeDataWithIso14443Tag, EWriteToClass1Tag, EReadFromClass1Tag, EWriteToClass2Tag,
  EReadFromClass2Tag, EUpdateClass3Tag, ECheckClass3Tag, EWriteToMifareTag,

Public Member Functions

void StartNdefDiscovery ()
void StartTagDiscovery ()
void StopTagDiscovery ()
void StopNdefDiscovery ()
void TagOperationCompleted ()

Static Public Member Functions

static NfcTagsDiscoveryPrivateNewL (NfcTagsDiscovery *aPublicAPI)
static NfcTagsDiscoveryPrivateNewLC (NfcTagsDiscovery *aPublicAPI)

Public Attributes

RBuf8 iWriteBuffer
RBuf8 iReadBuffer
TInt iTagOperation

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file nfctagsdiscovery_symbian.h.

Member Function Documentation

void NfcTagsDiscoveryPrivate::StartTagDiscovery (  ) 

This method is called, to start Tag discovery

  • Add the tag connection listner to tag discovery instance.
  • Subscribe for Type1, Type2, Type3, Iso14443 and Mifare tag connection modes.
  • Wait for the request completion. Note: If the connection mode of the tag is not added to the subscription, that type of tag is not detected.

Definition at line 101 of file nfctagsdiscovery_symbian.cpp.

void NfcTagsDiscoveryPrivate::TagOperationCompleted (  ) 

Display the message after the completion of Read operation on Tag. This function is called, when the active request to read from the tag completes.

Definition at line 184 of file nfctagsdiscovery_symbian.cpp.

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