CMMFRawFormatRead Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void FillBufferL (CMMFBuffer *aBuffer, MDataSink *aConsumer, TMediaId aMediaId)
CMMFBuffer * CreateSourceBufferL (TMediaId aMediaId, TBool &aReference)
CMMFBuffer * CreateSourceBufferL (TMediaId aMediaId, CMMFBuffer &aSinkBuffer, TBool &aReference)
TFourCC SourceDataTypeCode (TMediaId aMediaId)
TInt SetSourceDataTypeCode (TFourCC aSourceFourCC, TMediaId aMediaId)
TInt SourceThreadLogon (MAsyncEventHandler &aEventHandler)
void SourceThreadLogoff ()
void SourcePrimeL ()
void SourcePlayL ()
void SourcePauseL ()
void SourceStopL ()
void BufferFilledL (CMMFBuffer *aBuffer)
TUint Streams (TUid aMediaType) const
TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds FrameTimeInterval (TMediaId aMediaType) const
TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds Duration (TMediaId aMediaType) const
TUint NumChannels ()
TUint SampleRate ()
TUint BitRate ()
TInt SetNumChannels (TUint aChannels)
TInt SetSampleRate (TUint aSampleRate)
void GetSupportedSampleRatesL (RArray< TUint > &aSampleRates)
void GetSupportedNumChannelsL (RArray< TUint > &aNumChannels)
void GetSupportedDataTypesL (TMediaId aMediaId, RArray< TFourCC > &aDataTypes)
void SuggestSourceBufferSize (TUint aSuggestedBufferSize)
TInt SendEventToClient (const TMMFEvent &)

Static Public Member Functions

static CMMFFormatDecode * NewL (MDataSource *aSource)

Protected Attributes

MDataSource * iClip
MDataSink * iDataPath
TFourCC iFourCC

Detailed Description

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