Multimedia Plug-ins Overview

This topic provides an overview of the components that form the Multimedia Plug-ins collection.


The Multimedia Plug-ins collection represents a plug-in framework for handling multimedia data.


The components in the Multimedia Plug-ins collection are used by the components in the Multimedia APIs and Frameworks collection. The following diagram shows the architecture of the Multimedia Plug-ins collection:

Figure: Multimedia Plug-ins architecture

Note that 3GP Library is a standalone component.


The Multimedia Plug-ins collection provides a generic plug-in architecture for the Camera Framework, Imaging Frameworks and Multimedia Framework (MMF) components. The following types of plug-ins are available:

  • Codec plug-ins provide the conversion between different data types.

  • Controller plug-ins enable support for audio and video formats.

  • Content Rendering Plug-ins (CRPs) are plug-ins that are loaded into the Window Server process for server-side rendering. For more information, see Window Server Component.


The Multimedia Plug-ins collection comprises the following components:

  • 3GP Library - provides support for reading and writing 3GP, 3G2, and MP4 files. For information about 3GP Library see, 3GP Library Component Overview.

  • Camera Plug-ins - provides a Camera stub plug-in implementation.

  • Imaging Plug-ins - encodes and decodes various imaging formats, for example, GIF and JPEG.

  • Video Subtitle CRP (Content Rendering Plug-in) - displays video subtitles.

Using Multimedia Plug-ins

You can use the functionality provided by the Multimedia Plug-ins collection to:

  • Implement the camera stub plug-in.

  • Encode and decode imaging formats.

  • Display video subtitles.

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