You need to register your applications in order to make them visible to the application menu and to provide other information to the underlying operating system. To register, you need to provide a registration resource file, typically named <application_name>_reg.rss that contains the non-localized information for your application. Examples of non-localized information include:

  • UID of the application

  • name of the application executable, without an extension

  • application properties, such as embeddability or whether it is hidden

For more information on how to create a registration file for the non-localized information for your application, see Creating registration resource files.

You also need to provide localized information for your applications, such as captions and icons. This is done by either including a name and path of a localizable icon and caption resource file or the symbolic ID of a LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO data structure in your application UI resource file. For information about localisable icons, see Symbian^3 Tools Guide > Building.

You may define the following localized information:

  • application caption, which is typically displayed next to the icon in the application menu

  • short caption used by some mobile devices when screen space is limited

  • name of the icon file

For more information on using the LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO data structure, see Defining localizable registration information

Note: You must compile both the non-localized information registration resource file and the localized information resource file and include the results in your package file in order for your application to be registered in a mobile device.