Write a conversion observer


Converter clients can supply a converter observer object by implementing the MConverterUiObserver interface. The object is passed to the converter's CConverterBase2::ConvertL(), CConverterBase2::ConvertObjectL(), CConverterBase2::ConvertAL() or CConverterBase2::ConvertObjectAL() function. It is used for reporting on the progress of multi-step conversions and for requesting a password from the client when the file being converted from is password-protected.

The following functions can be implemented:

  • virtual void MaxSteps(TInt aMax, TInt aObject)=0; to get the maximum number of steps that the conversion operation can take.

  • virtual TInt Result(TInt aResult, TInt aObject)=0; to take some action following an error in the conversion.

  • virtual HBufC* QueryPasswordL(const TDesC& aClue)=0; to request a password from the user in order to access the data.