Specifies logos corresponding to each language supported by the Symbian device.


="logo.jpg", "image/jpeg", "target.jpg"

The following table explains the arguments that are specified within the quotes. To display the file only at install time, specify the last argument with empty quotes.



First Argument

Specifies the name and path of the file containing the logo.

Second Argument

Declares its MIME-type.

Third Argument

Specifies the name and path where the file must be installed. This is an optional argument.

PKG file example

The following is an example package file showing a logo statement:


#{"App-EN", "App-FR"}, (0x10000003), 1, 2, 3, TYPE=SC

%{"VendorEN", "VendorFR"}


="..\symbianfoundation.mbm", "image/x-mbm", ""