Single tap

In S60 5th Edition, double tap (focus and select) was supported for touch devices. The Symbian platform supports single tap, which activates an item on direct selection. That is, the UI is no longer focus driven.

The following are the highlighting features of single tap in the Symbian platform:
  • Single tap performs the core action without requiring double tap. If the core action cannot be defined, then the single tap provides the context-sensitive menu as Selection key press in hybrid devices.

  • By default, no visible focus in touch UI. Focus can be evoked pressing Selection key or navigation keys in hybrid devices

  • All item-specific options from the Options menu are hidden. Item-specific options will be available via Stylus pop-up menu opened with long tap, or in the next level in the UI hierarchy.

  • Item-specific options are removed from the touch toolbar. If there are less than three actions left for the touch toolbar, the whole toolbar is removed.

  • The landscape layout is optimized. Entire main pane area can be utilized for the application content, when touch toolbar is not required. Toolbars can still be utilized when the actions apply to the whole view, for example, in Message viewer and editor.