Domain Name Daemon

Domain Name Daemon (DND) is an application that provides dynamic name resolution services for Symbian platform. DND supports IETF specifications.

The following are the DND services:

  • Domain Name System (DNS)

  • Link-local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR)

DND is a single-threaded application and runs in own process. DND programs are specified in tcpip.ini file and uses the following components:

  • FileServer - To check the changes made to hosts file, when the DND receives a query request.

  • CommsDat - To retrieve configuration parameters like hostname for LLMNR.

  • TCP/IP stack - To provide communication services and interface information for DND.

The TCP/IP stack starts the DND during the stack startup and stops at TCP/IP stack shutdown. The Symbian platform differs in architecture from the Unix resolver library implementations. The TCP/IP protocol module implements the name of the internet resolver which is then shared by all applications.

DND is compiled into a dnd.exe file and is linked against efsrv.dll, inhook6.dll, insock.dll, esock.dll, commsdat.dll and euser.dll.

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