Ordinal: ordinal position, drag and drop


Ordinal uses five numbered, draggable windows, similar to the draggable window used in the previous example to demonstrate the ordinal positioning of windows.

Class Summary



Click on the following link to download the example: Ordinal.zip

Click: browse to view the example code.

Running on the emulator

Clicking in a window with the left mouse button brings that window to the front by giving it an ordinal position of 0. Dragging with the left mouse button moves the windows around on the screen.

Clicking in a window with the right mouse button cascades the children of that window in the top left corner (using RWindowTreeNode::Child()const, RWindowTreeNode::NextSibling()const and RWindowTreeNode::PrevSibling()const). The windows are cascaded according to their ordinal position in the top window's list of siblings.

Running on the target phone

The behaviour invoked by the right mouse button click is unavailable on the target phone. Windows can be dragged using the pointer, and tapping on a window brings it to the front.