How to use the SDP Codec API


The following steps describe how to use the SDP Codec API to create an SDP description:

  • Create a CSdpDocument object and open the string pool before use. Note: The string table includes predefined SDP constants for which handles are retrieved when SdpCodecStringPool::StringPoolL() is called. The string table includes all predefined SDP related constants.

  • The net type and the address type of the connection and origin field parameters that are predefined are retrieved from the string pool.

  • Create the origin field with origin field parameters, and set the CSdpDocument object.

  • Create the connection field from the connection parameters, and set the CSdpDocument object.

  • When you finish with the SDP description, delete the CSdpDocument object and close the string pool.

The following illustration shows how to create an SDP description.

Note: In the following illustration only required SDP fields are included.

Error handling

All function calls are synchronous. When an error occurs the functions leave with SDP Codec specific error codes and Symbian platform error codes.