Supported OMA DRM v2.0 features

The following table summarizes the OMA DRM v2.0 features that the Symbian platform supports.



The rights object acquisition protocol (ROAP) schema parsing and processing over HTTP

ROAP enables devices to request and acquire rights objects securely over HTTP from a rights issuer.

Storing rights issuer context information

The rights issuer context information, such as agreed protocol parameters, protocol versions, and certificate preferences, is stored in a secure location inside the device.

Certificate checking, including online certificate status protocol (OCSP) response validation

A device must verify signed rights issuer responses and rights objects as well as check the validity and status of the rights issuer certificate and any other revocable certificates in the rights issuer certificate chain. To enable the device to check the certificate, the rights issuer must include a complete set of OCSP responses for its certificate chain when sending signed responses to the device.

DRM content and rights object formats, including rights object fields expressing permissions and constraints

Rights object are formatted in the rights expression language (REL), which is a mobile profile of open digital rights language (ODRL) v1.1. REL enables accurate specification of relevant metadata and actual rights. The DRM content format is specified in the OMA DRM Content Format v2.0 document (included in the OMA DRM v2.0 specification).

Replay protection for rights objects

Rights objects that contain counters, intervals, timed counters or accumulated time constraints are monitored by the DRM system to prevent sending the same rights object several times.

DRM time and DRM time synchronization

Secure time for rights enforcement. Time is synchronized automatically with ROAP.

Capability signaling

Capabilities are signaled using HTTP headers and the user agent profile.

Domain model support

The service provider can enable or disable this feature.

Secure backup and restore of content and usage rights

Users can take device backups that include DRM protected content and rights objects. The security level is ensured with strong encryption.

Playback of OMA DRM v2.0 protected audio in third party applications


Binding DRM v2.0 specific rights objects to the SIM card

If the device supports a SIM/USIM/R-UIM and the uid element of a child context element of an individual element within an OMA DRM v2 rights object specifies an IMSI, the DRM agent observes the following behavior: when the associated content is selected for rendering, the DRM agent checks that it matches the IMSI on the currently installed SIM/USIM/R-UIM.