Content Management Overview

Content Management provides standard interfaces for managing Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected data in a phone.


The Content Management collection includes:

  • CAF for DRM: CAF provides a common interface for supplying, consuming and managing DRM protected content. It enables a content provider to supply and store DRM protected content, a consumer (such as a media player or a software installer) to access stored content, and a rights manager to allow applications to manage content and DRM rights. For more information, see Content Access Framework for DRM Overview.

When an application such as a media player, tries to access protected content, Apparc supplies the file name and a buffer containing data from the start of the file to the CAF recogniser. The CAF recogniser determines whether any of the CAF content access agents can recognise the file. If the file can be recognised, CAF acts a switch between different agents and passes the file to the appropriate agent to read the protected content.


The Content Management collection includes: