Checking for touch support at runtime

The Symbian platform now includes AknLayoutUtils::PenEnabled() to check for touch support at runtime to allow for reduced run-time memory consumption if the device does not support touch.

Typical cases where AknLayoutUtils::PenEnabled() might be useful include:

  • In the component’s constructor to skip the creation of touch-only component controls.

  • In the component’s HandleResourceChange, create touch-only component controls if the layout is switched from a non-touchable to a touchable one. Touch-only component controls should not be deleted.

  • In the component’s drawing code.

Note: AknLayoutUtils::PenEnabled() is supported from S60 3rd Edition, FP1, onwards.

void CMyAppContainer::ConstructL( const TRect& aRect )
    SetRect( aRect );
    // If the device supports touch, construct long tap detector
    if ( AknLayoutUtils::PenEnabled() )
        iLongTapDetector = CAknLongTapDetector::NewL( this );

Note: You cannot use AknLayoutUtils::PenEnabled() in .rss resource files.