Emulator Setup

Zsh can be launched from an emulator using the Ethernet protocol. Before launching Zsh using an emulator as the Telnet server, the emulator must be configured.

To configure the emulator, perform the following the steps:

  1. Install 4.0-WinPcap.exe from www.winpcap.org, which is freeware.

  2. If your PC is in a network where IP allocations are dynamic, use the Dynamic IP option; otherwise use the Static IP option.

    • Dynamic IP: The \epoc32\winscw\c\ethernetced.xml file has CommDB settings for dynamic IP by default. So no action is required.

    • Static IP: Edit \epoc32\winscw\c\ethernetced.xml as follows:

      • Select the ConnectionPreferencesTable entry with the highest value in Ranking. Modify the IAPRef value to IAP.Ethernet with Daemon Static IP.

        <ConnectionPreferences operation="add">
            <IAPRef>IAP.Ethernet with Daemon Static IP</IAPRef>
      • Select the LANServiceTable entry with Name: Ethernet Static IP.

      • Modify the IpNetMask, IpGateway, IpNameServer1, and IpNameServer2 values to those set on your PC. You can get these by typing the following command at a command prompt where your telnet client is running:

        ipconfig /all

      • Modify the IPAddr to one from the unused pool (given by the network administrator) on your network.

        <LANService operation="add">
            <Name>Ethernet Static IP</Name>
  3. Run the following command to generate the ethernet configuration files:

    configchange.pl --config ethernetWithCommDb --kernel EKA2 --target winscw --variant udeb


    For information on CommDb, refer to Communications Framework.

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