Touch-based multiple selection

Multi-selection list

Items in a multi-selection list can be selected with the stylus (and finger) as well as with keypad. A tap on an item in the list moves the focus onto that item and toggles the item between the marked and unmarked states.

If nothing is marked when the left softkey is pressed, either the focused item is considered as selected, or nothing is selected. The aim is that if the user only wants to select a single item, this can be done by simply moving the focus to that item and pressing the left softkey (DONE).

Markable list

There are a number of combination of tap/stylus drag and hardware key configurations for marking items in a markable list. These configurations depend on whether a specific device uses an ITU-T keypad with/without the Edit key, a full QWERTY keyboard, or no keypad at all. In the latter case, when there is only stylus in use, marking is done via the Options menu by selecting Mark/Unmark or Mark/Unmark all.

A markable grid works in the same way as a markable list.