Sending tactile feedback pulse


The Vibra API clients can request the device to send tactile vibration pulse using PulseVibraL() method. The PulseVibraL() will be executed only if there is an active tactile feedback settings in the user profile. The clients can check the current settings by calling the VibraFeedbackSettings() function. The overloaded PulseVibraL() methods allows the client to :

  • Use the default intensity and duration.

  • Use default intensity and specify the duration using aDuration parameter.

  • Specify both intensity and duration using the parameters aIntensity and aDuration.

SetFeedbackObserver() is used to register the clients to receive notification of any changes to the tactile feedback settings in the active user profile. MHWRMVibraFeedbackObserver provides a pure virtual function VibraFeedbackModeChanged() which is called to notify the clients to notify of any changes to the user profile settings.