A notifier is a simple service that allows either a single line message (an infoprint) or a simple dialog box to be displayed on the hardware's display device.

It is used for sending (debug) trace messages to the screen and putting up debug dialog boxes. It can be used in any environment, including the text shell used for development of engine or low level type code. Because it doesn't require Uikon it is invaluable for developers who need to work without GUI dependencies.

The dialog box consists of two lines of text and two buttons. The buttons each display a single text character and the user is expected to key in one of these characters.

The notifier is a server, managed by the Kernel. The client side creates a session through an RNotifier handle.


If a plug-in notifier DLL fails to load successfully, the OS will not start. Notifiers are critical system resources which must not fail to load correctly.