Character Conversion (Charconv) Framework Overview

The Symbian platform uses UTF-16 encoded Unicode text. The Charconv Framework provides the APIs and converters to convert characters between foreign encodings and Unicode (UTF-16).


The Character Conversion Framework comprises two components:

  • The Character Encoding and Conversion Framework component is also referred to as Charconv Framework. It contains built-in converters for many languages. It also provides APIs for selecting built-in or plug-in converters.

  • The Character Encoding and Conversion Plug-ins component, also referred to as Charconv Plug-ins, contains ECom plug-in converters for various languages not supported by the built-in converters. Device creators can write additional plug-in converters by implementing the CCharacterSetConverterPluginInterface interface.

Figure: Charconv Framework collection

Using the Character Conversion Framework

Application developers can use the Charconv API to convert text between various encodings and Unicode.

Device creators can also write additional plug-in converters for specific encodings.

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