GfxWorkbench Example Overview

The GfxWorkbench example is a S60 application, which intends to demonstrate the following use cases:
  • How to Play video files.

  • How to carry out direct drawing of Bitmaps.

  • How to use Image decoder of ICL and decode a given image.

  • How to carry out direct screen access.

  • How to carry out Profile and Log BitBlit .

The example consists of different classes that takes care of the above mentioned use cases.

The CGfxVideoPlayer class takes care of creating a CVideoPlayerUtility instance and then opens a video file to be played. If the video file is successfully opened the video playback can be started else necessary error information is displayed to the user.

The CGfxDirectAccess shows how to carry out direct screen access.

The CGfxDirectScreenBitmap class carries out direct drawing of bitmaps to the device screen.

The CGfxIclView class takes a bitmap and calls a CGfxImageDecoder object to decode the given bitmap.

The CGfxBitBlitView class is used for carrying out profile and Log bitblit


Click on the following link to download the example:

Click: browse to view the example code.


Commands are given to the example through its menu option.

The menu option consists of:
  1. Direct Screen (via Gc)

  2. Direct Screen Write

  3. Direct Screen Bitmap

  4. Play video

  5. ICL demo

  6. Profile and Log bitblit