Connecting to the service discovery database

Bluetooth services are registered to the service discovery database.

How to connect to the service discovery database

The first step in registering a service to the service discovery database is establishing a connection to the database.

Basic Procedure

To use the service discovery database, a client must:

  1. Create a session to the database object, RSdp, and open a connection.

  2. Create a subsession to the database object, RSdpDatabase, and open it. A client can have multiple subsessions open if required. (Sessions and subsessions are part of Symbian platform's architecture for interprocess communication: see Client/Server Overview).

  3. Close subsessions and sessions when they are no longer needed.

Connecting to the database

The following example shows how to connect to the database:

  • Create and open a session to the database

    RSdp sdp;
  • Create and open a subsession

    RSdpDatabase sdpSubSession;
  • Cleanup


Note: If all sessions to the SDP database are closed, then the database is closed. Any application that offers a service should therefore keep a handle to the database as long as it is offering the service.

Where next?

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Also refer to the Bluetooth Service Discovery Database overview and the Bluetooth SDP Overview for additional background information.