Using CDirScan

This topic describes about setting up the scan and parsing path.

Setting up the scan using SetScanDataL()

Taking the above directory structure, if SetScanData() is called as follows:


then the directories are scanned, by repeatedly calling CDirScan::NextL() in the following order: TopDir, Dir1, Dir2, Dir3, Dir4, Dir5, Dir6, Dir7. The sort key of EAscending means that multiple directories within the same parent directory are scanned in ascending alphabetic or numeric order.

If the scan direction is upwards, i.e.CDirScan::EScanUpTree, the directories are scanned in the order: Dir2, Dir4, Dir3, Dir1, Dir6, Dir7, Dir5, TopDir.

Parsing paths using FullPath()

If the full path of the entry currently being scanned is:


and the top level directory in the scan as passed to SetScanDataL() is:



  • AbbreviatedPath() returns \Middledir\

  • FullPath() returns C:\Topdir\Middledir\.