Pre-configuring the URI List

The URI List framework provides support for pre-configuration of URIs in the list. This enables clients to pre-define URIs before shipping the device to end users. The URIs can be pre-configured to both BlackList and WhiteList. The pre-configuration also allows clients to secure such URIs by disabling removal or modification of the URIs.

The pre-configuration is done by creating an XML data file and installing it in a server's secure path. The pre-configuration happens only once, that is, when the first session with the server is created after installing the XML file. When the server is started and if the URI List is empty, the server checks for an XML file in its private path. If it exists, it copies the data to the list.

Note: You cannot pre-configure the list after you have added URIs to it


Here are the steps to be performed for pre-configuration of the URI List:

  1. Create the XML data file referring to the DTD shown in the URI List pre-configuration DTD section.

  2. Create an SIS package containing this XML file. Sign it with ProtServ capability.

    Note: The installation path of the XML file is c:\\private\\20009D70\\. The name of the XML file should be ineturilist.xml.

  3. Install the SIS package.