Image Processor Technology Guide

This document introduces you to the technology categorisation of the Image Processor library.

Image Processor library categorization

The Symbian platform provides support for the Image Processor technology, which is divided into two categories:

The diagram below shows the standard and the additional functionality within the Image Processor library.

Figure: Diagram to show the categorisation within the Image Processor library.

Scalado CAPS is specially developed for mobile imaging with the hardware constraints associated with mobile devices. The Scalado CAPS imaging architecture consists of the following technologies:

  • SIPLA which minimizes both the memory consumption and the CPU power required for the image processing.

  • RAJPEG which is a codec that performs rapid image scaling by creating thumbnail views in a photo album. RAJPEG allows access to any image data without decoding the whole image.

  • Efficient memory handling which handles all memory management and holds the memory footprint to a minimum by highly effective image caching. The image cache is a memory stamp that is stored in active memory.

  • Codecs which perform efficient encode and decode operations for the image processing.

The remaining functionality shown in the diagram above is explained in the following sections.

Standard functionality

The standard functionality is provided by the Symbian platform. This standard functionality can be used by all application developers:

Additional functionality

The additional functionality, which can be used only with a license from Scalado, is listed below:

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