New C++ APIs in Symbian^3

The following new C++ APIs are introduced in Symbian^3.

API Description

E-mail Widget API

ECom plugin API that Third-party e-mail solutions implement to publish e-mail data to Home Screen widget.

exFAT File System APIs

Provides the "exFAT" file system. For more information, see FileSystem_EXFAT::TVolFormatParam_exFAT.

Extended Content Publisher API

Provides interfaces for Home Screen content publisher plug-ins.

EUser High Level (EUserHL) Library APIs

Provides APIs to improve string handling, object creation and resource management. For more information, see EUser High Level Library.

Haptics APIs

Provides methods for controlling the haptics feature of the Symbian device. Both synchronous and asynchronous versions are provided for playing various types of effects. Only synchronous methods are provided for other functionalities, such as opening and closing an actuator, reserving and releasing the haptics feature, and for getting various state and system information from the haptics. For more information, see CHWRMHaptics.

Libxm2 Library APIs

Provides APIs for XML processing, parsing and validation. For more information, see Libxml2 Overview.

NFC Services APIs

Provides APIs to handle NFC tags, NDEF messages and LLCP API for peer-to-peer communication between NFC devices. For more information, see NFC.

OpenWF Composition APIs

Supports the open standard for layered graphics composition developed by the Khronos Group. For more information, see OpenWF Composition Interface Overview.

OpenWF Support APIs

Provides a Symbian-specific implementation of platform-specific elements of the OpenWF-C specification and abstracts communication between the OpenWF-C Engine and other Symbian graphics components. For more information, see OpenWF Support Component Overview.

Puny Code Converter APIs

Provides support for converting the Unicode formatted domain names to ASCII format that can be resolved by the external DNS server. For more information, see TPunyCodeDndName.

SQLite 3 APIs

Provides an implementation of the native SQLite C APIs. For more information, see SQLite 3.

Standard C++ Library (STLport v5) APIs

Provides a Standard C++ environment with IOStream and STL (Standard Template Library) libraries that enable you to develop or port Standard C++ applications or libraries quickly and easily onto the Symbian platform. For more information, see Standard C++ Library (STLport v5).

Note: STLport v4 is also supported on Symbian^3. For more information STLport v4, see

C++ Standard Library (STLport v4).

User Prompt Service APIs

Allows device creators to choose whether security decisions (for example, allowing an application to make a network connection) are processed silently or require the user to be prompted. For more information, see User Prompt Service.

XML DOM Engine and XPath APIs

Implements the standard DOM API (tree-based XML parsing and editing), including XPath and serialization extensions. For more information, see XML DOM Engine.

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