Getting an Equivalent Language List

You can use the GetEquivalentLanguageList() function to get the equivalent language list. The GetEquivalentLanguageList() returns an array (TLanguagePath) which contains the equivalent languages. If no equivalent language is found, ELangNone is returned.


In this example, an application calls BaflUtils::GetEquivalentLanguageList() to get the equivalent languages for Cyprus Greek. The TLangugage value for Cyprus Greek, ELangCyprusGreek, is passed to the GetEquivalentLanguageList() function as a given language.

TLanguagePath lp;
BaflUtils::GetEquivalentLanguageList(ELangCyprusGreek, lp);

Result: According to the equivalent language list, three elements are returned: ELangCyprusGreek (Cyprus Greek), ELangGreek (Greek) and ElangNone.