FEP Introduction

This guide is adapted from material originally intended to accompany source code for sample front end processors (FEPs) TFEP1Plugin (a keyboard-based FEP) and TFEP2Plugin (a mouse/pen-based FEP).

TFEP1Plugin and TFEP2Plugin are available to Symbian DevKit licensees and may be found in the Symbian platform source in the app-framework\feptest\ directory.

SDK licensees do not have access to the source but must find sufficient information within the guide.

Note: Platform security that was introduced in Symbian OS v9.1, brought some changes to the way FEPs are created and loaded. Prospective FEP developers must note that FEPs now require a capability of All-Tcb and must therefore ensure that they are able to achieve this before commencing.

The guide is divided into the following sections:

Implementing the FEP API

Fixed and Floating Windows

Simulating and Intercepting Key Events

Processing Pen Events

Synchronizing FEP Instantiations

Detecting Changes in the Environment

Interacting with Text Editor Controls

FEP References