EGL Interface Overview

The EGL Interface component defines the interface to EGL on the Symbian platform. The component standardizes the source and binary interfaces by providing header and LIB/DSO files for EGL users as well as DEF files for EGL implementers.

Supported APIs

The EGL specifications are defined by the Khronos Group ( The following table provides links to the relevant specifications.

Header files

The EGL Interface component includes the Khronos-released header file, egl.h, and egltypes.h, which is the Symbian equivalent of the Khronos eglplatform.h. Use of the header files supplied in the EGL Interface component helps to ensure binary compatibility for applications across different Symbian platforms. It also provides source compatibility between different operating systems. These header files incorporate minor changes such as Doxygen tags (/** comments) but these have no effect on the functionality.

The header files are provided for EGL 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4. The EGL 1.4 headers are used by default. However, there is a variability point that can expose the headers for EGL 1.3 or 1.2 instead.

The Symbian-defined header file \epoc32\include\khronos_types.h maps the Khronos-defined basic types to native Symbian types.

Library file

The following library is provided by the EGL Interface component.

Library Name
EGL libEGL.lib

DEF files

The EGL Interface component also supplies DEF files to further ensure binary compatibility between different platforms. These files exist for the WINS and WINSCW emulator and ARM hardware platforms. Although the names have a trailing 'u', this is not specified by MMP file entries as it is appended to references automatically.

DEF files for WINS and WINSCW

Library Name
EGL 1.4 \epoc32\include\platform\def\win32\libegl14u.def
EGL 1.3 \epoc32\include\platform\def\win32\libegl13u.def
EGL 1.2 \epoc32\include\platform\def\win32\libegl12u.def

DEF files for ARM

Library Name
EGL 1.4 \epoc32\include\platform\def\eabi\libegl14u.def
EGL 1.3 \epoc32\include\platform\def\eabi\libegl13u.def
EGL 1.2 \epoc32\include\platform\def\eabi\libegl12u.def

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