Relationship between framework and applications

The displays and keys for the mobile device are shared between all running applications. The Symbian platform controls and coordinates access to them. When you meet the application framework architecture requirements, the application framework manages connections to the underlying architecture and also controls some of the elements on the display. While the details of what is controlled by default by the Symbian platform and what is controlled by your application are covered in the relevant sections of this UI section, the following cases illustrate some divisions about what is managed where:

  • in the status pane:

    The drawing of the status pane is managed by the Symbian platform.

    The battery pane, universal indicator paneand signal pane are managed by the Symbian platform.

    The title pane, context pane, and navi pane are managed by your application, although a default behavior is provided by the application framework.

  • in the control pane:

    The drawing of the control pane is managed by the Symbian platform.

    The labels associated with the two softkeys are provided by application resources.

    The event loop that collects the commands that result from selections and the passing of these commands on to your application are handled by the application framework.

    The handling of the commands received from the application framework need to be handled in your application.

    For more details, see CBA buttons and Menu bars.