MmfExFormatPlugin: Multimedia Framework format encoder/decoder plug-ins example


MmfExFormatPlugin demonstrates how to implement format encoder and decoder plug-ins for the Multimedia Framework. Multimedia data is usually packaged in a particular format, which specify the properties of the data (e.g. duration, frame intervals), and how the buffers for holding the data are organised. A format decoder plug-in is responsible for reading a particular format; a format encoder plug-in for writing a particular format.

The example handles the RAW audio format (PCM data with no headers). The decoder plug-in CMMFRawFormatRead reads RAW audio; it implements the ECom interface CMMFFormatDecode. The encoder plug-in CMMFRawFormatWrite writes RAW audio: it implements the ECom interface CMMFFormatEncode.


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Class summary

MDataSink CMMFFormatDecode MDataSource CMMFDataBuffer CMMFChannelAndSampleRateConverterFactory CMMFChannelAndSampleRateConverter CMMFBuffer CMMFFormatEncode