libmexample: Using the Standard C Math Library

This example demonstrates the use of math functions, such as gamma(double), that are part of the Standard C Maths support library (libm.dll).


This example application shows how to use the libm.dll library. It:

  1. reads an input value supplied by the user

  2. applies the gamma function on the input value

  3. prints the output.


Click on the following link to download the example:

Click: browse to view the example code.

Class summary

The example shows the use of the following API:

  • gamma(double) from the Standard C Maths support library (libm.dll).

Building and configuring

To build the example:

  • You can build the example from your IDE or the command line.

    If you use an IDE, import the bld.inf file of the example into your IDE, and use the build command of the IDE.

    If you use the command line, open a command prompt, and set the current directory to the source code directory of the example. You can then build the example with the SBSv1 build tools with the following commands:

    bldmake bldfiles

    abld build

  • For the emulator, the example builds an executable called libmexample.exe in the epoc32\release\winscw\<udeb or urel>\ folder.

Running the example

Run the libmexample.exe executable. The example application waits for the user to enter an input value.