Dynamically Loading Link Libraries Example Code

Examples that explain how to use Polymorphic DLLs.


UsingDLLs is an example which shows how to load and use the two DLLs implemented in the two examples PolymorphicDLL1 and PolymorphicDLL2. Both DLLs implement the same interface in different ways.

Note that this example just shows basic principles. In practice, applications will use the ECOM mechanism to load DLLs.

Build Notes

PolymorphicDLL1 and PolymorphicDLL2 must be built before UsingDLLs.

PolymorphicDLL1: polymorphic interface DLL 1

Part of

Using polymorphic interface DLLs

PolymorphicDLL2: polymorphic interface DLL 2

Part of

Using polymorphic interface DLLs

UsingDLLs: using polymorphic interface DLLs


Download the example: Dll.zip

Download some additional files required by the example: CommonFramework.zip

Example code

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