Creating a Certificate Store

certapp helps you create certificate stores. The following is an example for creating a certificate store.


  1. Create a configuration file, certclients.txt, which maps application name text strings to application UIDs.

    Make sure that only one application name maps to a UID. Note: Although no error is displayed when you map more than one application name to a UID, this is not recommended. The following is an example of a configuration file:
        # Entry 1
            Uid 0x100042ab
            Name "SW Install"
        # Entry 2
            Uid 0x1000a8b6
            Name "SW Install OCSP Signing"
  2. Convert certclients.txt to a binary file using the following command:

    > certapp --hcertclients=certclients.txt --out --bcertclients=certclients.dat

  3. Generate the file certificate store (cacerts.dat) and SWI certificate store (swicertstore.dat) files.

    > certapp --hcertclients=certclients.txt --hfilecertstore=cacerts.txt --out --bfilecertstore=cacerts.dat

    > certapp --hcertclients=certclients.txt --hswicertstore=swicertstore.txt --out --bswicertstore=swicertstore.dat

    Note: You can use the following command to combine the listed commands into a single command and create a certificate store.

    > certapp --hcertclients=certclients.txt --hfilecertstore=cacerts.txt --hswicertstore=swicertstore.txt --out --bcertclients=certclients.dat --bfilecertstore=cacerts.dat --bswicertstore=swicertstore.dat

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