What are ESK files?

ESK files contain protocol module information that is used to load ESock.

Protocol modules are plug-ins to ESock that have .PRT extensions. Protocol modules implement a socket communication protocol, or a hook to a protocol. ESK files determine the protocol modules to load for ESock. ESK files also determine how the protocol modules are bound together. The ESK files are read during ESock startup and can also contain parameters specific to a particular protocol.

The CMI file for an ESock worker thread specifies the ESK file to be processed and the protocols to be hosted. This is done using the EskMask parameter in the [IniData] section and then supplying a mask. For example:

EskMask = IP.*.ESK

As a result of this example, all ESK files that start with "IP." are supplied to the specified ESock CPM. If required you can use EskMaskn (where n is an integer value between 1 and 8) for example EskMask1 = bt.*.esk.

Note: The values for the EskMask and EskMask[1..8] parameters are limited to 16 characters.

The EskMask parameter is specified in the [IniData] section of the CMI file because it is specific to ESock and is passed by Configurator onto the ESock server for interpretation. The parameter is ignored in the following circumstances:

  • If it is specified incorrectly in the [Loader] section of a CMI file

  • If it is specified incorrectly in a CMI file that does not run an ESock CPM. For example if FileName parameter is not esocksvr.dll.