MmfExCodec: Multimedia Framework codec plug-in example


MmfExCodec demonstrates how to implement a codec plug-in for the Multimedia Framework. A codec converts media data in one encoding into another encoding. The example converts audio data encoded with PCM8 into PCM16.

The program is an ECom plug-in that implements the codec interface CMMFCodec by the class CMMFExPcm8Pcm16Codec. When a client or media format requires a PCM8 to PCM16 codec, the Multimedia Framework will instantiate a CMMFExPcm8Pcm16Codec object, and call its ProcessL() member function to convert data supplied a source buffer. As converting PCM8 into PCM16 only requires expanding each byte in the source buffer into two bytes in the destination buffer, CMMFExPcm8Pcm16Codec::ProcessL() is not very complex.


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Class summary

CMMFCodec CMMFDataBuffer