Publish and Subscribe

Publish and Subscribe has replaced System Agent and the usage of temporary Shared Data keys.

Publish and Subscribe allows the setting, retrieving and monitoring of system-wide variables and provides a new inter process communication (IPC) mechanism for peer to peer communication between threads. Threads may have the role of the publisher or of the subscriber, while any thread can define the property to be published. The process that defines a property can specify access rights for both reading and writing. Rights can be defined in terms of either requiring a particular capability, by a process secure identifier (SID), or by a process vendor identifier (VID).

Publish and Subscribe should be considered under any of the following conditions:

  • An event should be sent simultaneously to multiple places over the system.

  • Only the last value of the property is significant, not the intermediate values.

  • The source of the value is not significant. The value may have been set by any publisher with proper rights.

For more information about the use of Publish and Subscribe, see Using Publish and Subscribe.