Email Widget API

This section provides an overview of the functionality of Email Widget API.


Email Widget API provides a plug-in interface to enable third-party developers to integrate their email application or framework with Symbian platform email widget.


This API is an ECOM plug-in which must be implemented by the third-party developers. The Email Server process of Symbian platform instantiates this plug-in and the plug-in must provide up to date information that is requested by the Email Server.


The key classes are:


Interface for Email Observer Plug-in API.


Interface for plug-in data. Client will access the data through this API.


Interface for launch parameters. When user access the widget, an application launch is initiated with the launch parameters.


Interface class that is implemented by the plug-in instantiator.


Interface for mailbox related information.


Ecom interface uid for email observer plug-in (0x2002A5AE).

Typical Uses

Following are some of the typical uses of Email widget API:
  • allows to add third-party email accounts to the Symbian platform email widget.

  • notifies when a new message is received on the third-party email account.

  • allows to remove the widget with 3rd party email account from the homescreen.