The PKG file supports two types of vendors:

Localized vendor

Specifies one or more localized vendor names (corresponding to language). Localized vendor names are used in various installation dialogs displayed to the Symbian device user.

The following is the syntax for a localized vendor statement:

%{"Vendor-EN", ..., "Vendor-GE"}

For example:

%{"Vendor", "Vendeur", "Verkaufer"}

Non-localized vendor

Specifies a single non-localized (global) vendor name. This is used with the package UID and package name to determine whether a package of type SA is a valid upgrade.

The following is the syntax for a non-localized vendor statement:

:"Unique vendor name"

For example:

:"Nokia Corporation"

PKG file example

The following code snippet illustrates the usage of vendor name within a PKG file.


#{"Language-EN", "Langauge-FR", "Language-GE"}, (0x10000020), 1, 2, 3, TYPE=SA, NC

%{"Vendor", "Vendeur", "Verkaufer"}

{"text\englishfile.txt" "text\frenchfile.txt" "text\germanfile.txt"}-"C:\private\E800005A\file.txt"