Discarding soft notifications

The application that launched a soft notification can discard it without user intervention when the notification becomes obsolete. A soft notification should remain pending until the user has responded to it, or started using the corresponding application so that in effect the notification becomes obsolete. In that case, the application can discard the notification even though the user may not have actually seen it.

When the user reacts to a soft notification by pressing the left softkey (for example Read), or selects one item of a grouped soft notification, the item becomes interpreted as obsolete, and will not reappear. If a soft notification contained more than one item, the other ones remain pending and reappear when the user returns to the home screen.

The user can dismiss the notification by pressing the right softkey, labeled Exit. After this, the notification does not reappear until new events cause a new notification to be created. In case of a grouped soft notification, all items it contains are discarded.

Please note that discarding a soft notification does not mean that the received content is lost.