Add a view to the control stack


To enable a view to receive key events, add a view to the control stack using the following method. This method adds a control into the application UI's control stack.

Note: Ensure that the view is constructed before adding it to the control stack.

IMPORT_C void AddToStackL( const MCoeView& aView, 
                           CCoeControl *aControl, 
                           TInt aPriority=ECoeStackPriorityDefault, 
                           TInt aStackingFlags=ECoeStackFlagStandard );

The following code snippet shows adding a view to the control stack:

Add aControl to Cone's control stack with priority aPriority and behaviour aStackingFlags.\n 
void CNewView::AddToStackL( CCoeControl* aControl,
                            TInt aPriority,
                            TInt aStackingFlags )
    iCCoeAppUi.AddToStackL( *this, aControl, aPriority, aStackingFlags);

For more information on writing control stack, see How to write controls.