Key Codes

Contains a list of the key code types and a brief description.

The e32keys.h header file defines enumerations for keyboard input values:



Logical key codes: TKeyCode

A TKeyCode keycode value is a logical representation of the pressed key.

The following logical keycodes are designated for use by device manufacturers and/or UI suppliers. These keycodes are not used by the generic Symbian platform.

  • EKeyDevice0 to EKeyDeviceF inclusive.

  • EKeyDevice10 to EKeyDevice1F inclusive

  • EKeyApplication0 to EKeyApplicationF inclusive

  • EKeyApplication10 to EKeyApplication1F inclusive

Key modifier flags: TEventModifier

TEventModifier defines modifier flags, such as shift and control keys flags, for key and pointer events.

Hardware key scancodes: TStdScanCode

The code of the pressed hardware key is stored by a TStdScanCode value.

These enumerations are used by the Window Server to encapsulate keyboard events in the TKeyEvent class.