Graphics_Images Example Overview

The Graphics_Images example is a S60 GUI based application. It intends to demonstrate the following use cases:
  • How to draw images to the control.

  • How to carry out animation.

  • How to carry out bitmap drawing.

  • How to draw multiple controls.

The example contains different classes to handle the above mentioned use cases.

The CImageContainer class creates an image container that uses a CImage_Reader object to read an image file in to a bitmap and then draws the bitmap image to the whole screen.

The CAnimationContainer class creates an animation container. It creates CAniFrame_Reader object to read animation frames. The AniFrameSizeL() method provides the actual size of the animation frame. Animation frames are read through NextImageL() method. Once a frame is obtained it is drawn to the screen and request for another frame is generated. This process continues till all the frames have been drawn to the screen.

The CControlsContainer class creates a container for different controls. Basically 2 different types of controls are present, one is an image control and other is an animation control. The main container is divided into 4 sections each containing either an image or an animation control.

The CBitmapContainer class creates a bitmap container. It opens an image file to be shown and then loads it to a bitmap. Once the bitmap is loaded the bitmap image is drawn to the whole screen.

The CAboutContainer class creates a container used for displaying the example name, it's version number and the copyright statement.


Click on the following link to download the example:

Click: browse to view the example code.


Commands are given to the example through its menu option.

Menu option are available to carry out the following operations:
  1. Show image container.

  2. Show animation container.

  3. Show controls container.

  4. Show bitmap container

  5. Show the About content.