BitmapsShell: dealing with bitmaps

Note: This example is designed to work with TechView and there is no guarantee that it will work with other interfaces.


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Download some additional files required by the example: CommonGraphicsExampleFiles

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BitmapsShell provides an application shell, and two concrete controls.

CGraphicExampleControl is a control class, derived from CCoeControl, which links the app shell to the particular controls.

The CBitmapControl and CFbsControl classes, derived from CGraphicExampleControl, define behaviour for their particular controls.

CBitmapControl illustrates the handling and rendering of bitmaps.

CFbsControl illustrates the use of the font and bitmap server.


The source code for this example application can be found in the directory:


This source code may be in the directory in which you installed the Symbian platform, or it may be in src\common\developerlibrary\ directory. The directory includes the two project files needed for building the example: bld.inf and the .mmp file.

The Symbian build process describes how to build this application. For the emulator, an application called BitmapsShell.exe is created in epoc32\release\winscw\<udeb or urel>\.


  1. Launch the emulator:

    \epoc32\release\winscw\<urel or udeb>\EPOC.EXE.

  2. Click on BITMAPSSHELL to run the application. If using the TechView emulator, this will be in the Extras menu.

  3. The controls are listed on the menu List of Programs. Press the appropriate menu item to select a specific control.

  4. Step through each phase of an example by pressing the space bar or by tapping on the window drawn by that example.

Class Summary

By the bitmap control:








By the font and bitmap server control: