WikiPedia: Symbian SQL Database

The example allows the user to:

  • Allows articles to be searched from title name

  • Retrieves the articles' abstracts as stored in the database

  • Provides links for user to view the full article using an internet connection

This example application provides an interface to a locally stored Wikipedia database of 2.2 million articles. It enables the user to search and retrieve Wikipedia content (title, abstract, links and some of the article content) from their phone without connecting to the Internet.

The application uses a Symbian SQL database (acquired additionally) containing each Wikipedia article (subset as above) which is stored on the phone's internal or external media.


Click on the following link to download the example:

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Class summary

RSqlDatabase RSqlStatement RSqlStatement


Device (Symbian v9.2)

  • Requires pre-installation of Symbian SQL

  • Requires the (warning: file size is ~500Mb need to be downloaded from internet) to be extracted to phone at E:\Wikipedia\Wikipedia.db