What are Multi-Threaded Servers?

A multi-threaded server is a server that has more than one thread. This topic describes the root server which comprises 2 multi-threaded servers.

The Root Server comprises two servers, called ESock and C32. Each server uses multiple threads. Each server has several CMI files to define the threads required. For ESock there are threads for protocols such as SMS, TCP/IP and Bluetooth. For C32 there can be threads for comms protocol plug-ins (CSYs) such as IrDA, ECUART and USB.

Each CMI file for multi-threaded servers has parameters specific to the multi-threaded system. These parameters define items such as the ID of the CPM in the multi-threaded system and the relationship between the CPMS. These parameters are always specified in the [IniData] section of the CMI file. The parameters specified in the [Loader] section relate to Configurator.

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